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    Export Steel Buildings™ Dealer Privacy Policy. All of us at Export Steel Buildings™ recognize the importance of the information that our dealers share with us. We therefore have established the following guidelines for handling the information. Information about each dealer is not shared with any third parties except to the extent required to fulfill order processing and delivery. Such third parties are in turn required to use the information for no purpose other than what is required for order processing and delivery. Via the Export Steel Buildings™ dealer agreement, each dealer agrees to receive occasional updates about the Export Steel Buildings™ Dealer Program. Such contact will primarily be by email or regular mail. As part of our customer service commitment to our dealers, we will sometimes call to ensure that your steel building supplier needs are being met and to otherwise inform you of any information that we believe is important to your business operations. Persons that we know to be customers of our Export Steel Buildings™ dealers will never be contacted by Export Steel Buildings™. All matters pertaining to ordering, delivery, manufacturing issues, etc. for those customers are handled through direct contact with our dealers. Dealers are in turn responsible for all communications with their customers.



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