Dear Friend,

This letter is being sent to you to solicit your support for Angola Project 2009.  If you would prefer to not learn about this effort, please feel free to discard this letter at any time.

As you may know, my dad and I have taken several teams of men from the US to Angola, Africa for building projects.  Mom and Dad are retired career missionaries to Angola and I also spent a number of years there with them.  We have a love and a concern for the people of Angola – and we have a desire to assist in their recovery from almost 30 years of devastating civil war.  We anticipate that Angola Project 2009 will provide some assistance in that recovery.

At this time, we have a Team of 10 preparing to depart for Angola in September, 2009 for 3 weeks.  We have procured the necessary materials, equipment, and supplies for the Team and its Angola Project 2009 efforts.  All of this has been packed into 2 containers. These containers, along with a large truck procured for this Project, are currently being shipped to Angola.

We learned earlier this year that the Angolan church organization we serve under has decided to have us build a home for a missionary couple (instead of the typical church buildings we have built in the past).  This house will be located on a rural and remote former mission station called Cavango.  Mom and Dad served at Cavango in the late 1950s, into the early 1960s, and then again in 1972 – 1976.  By that time; missionaries at Cavango had built and were supporting a full service hospital, a leprosarium, a clinic, schools, cattle ranching efforts, significant agricultural production, woodworking efforts, a sandal-making enterprise, a large mill for grinding grain, and a large church.  A small hydro-electric plant and electrical distribution system had just come online for the mission station in 1974/1975.

Then in 1975, Portugal granted Angola its independence.  Immediately, civil war broke out.  In 1976, the conditions became desperate enough that Mom and Dad (and other missionaries) fled the country.  All of the facilities and buildings at Cavango were destroyed by military personnel.  Many of the Angolan patients and station workers were killed or scattered by military activity.  Cavango remained isolated and off-limits to outside contact for the next 25-30 years.

Now the civil war is over and the Cavango area is accessible once again.  The church and mission workers in Angola have restarted the work at Cavango.  The clinic building has been rebuilt and partially staffed.  Construction is nearly complete on a patient ward.  And the church and mission organizations have assigned a US missionary couple, Peter and Shelley Duplantis, to assist the local Angolans in their rebuilding efforts.  Both of the Duplantis’ have medical training and background (along with other skills) that are invaluable in reviving the medical work at Cavango.

Currently, Peter and Shelley are living in a tent while at Cavango as they prepare the house building site in anticipation of our Team’s arrival.  Interestingly enough, they have chosen to have their home built on top of the foundation where Mom and Dad built their house in the late 1950s and where I lived with Mom and Dad while I was there!  In fact, Shelley was also at Cavango as a child during much of the time I was there in 1972-1975!  It is very special to me to be a part of a rebuilding effort that has so much personal significance, history, and meaning.

During our 3 week trip, our Team plans to erect the walls and roof for the Duplantis house.  We will also train an Angolan team on the use of the roofing machine we have sent in the containers.  We trust and anticipate that the roofing machine will be an effective entrepreneurial tool, with its associated business venture, for the Angolans in their rebuilding efforts since building materials are in short and difficult supply.

We desire and covet your support for this endeavor.  Even though $150,000 has already been donated to the objectives of Angola Project 2009, approximately $80,000 more is currently needed.  Your donation of any amount, if you are able, would be greatly appreciated and wisely used.  All donations to the Project are tax deductible and 100% of your donation will go to accomplishing the Project.  No administrative costs or fees are ‘diverted’ from your donation.

Please help us reestablish the medical work at Cavango.  The clinic, with its expanded role once Peter and Shelley are able to live and work there fulltime, is the only medical facility for tens of thousands of people in an area of over 6,000 square miles!  This area has not had medical services for over 30 years!  Your contribution can have an amazingly positive impact for literally thousands of people!

If you would like to make a contribution to Angola Project 2009, please make your check payable to:

Pulpit Rock Church
In the memo section note:

          Angola Project

Please send the check to me:

            Paul Hockersmith
            PO Box 528
            Palmer Lake, CO  80133

I will forward it on to the correct account at Pulpit Rock Church.  You will receive a statement from the church noting the 100% tax deductibility of your donation.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact me:
719-649-2334 (cell) or
I would love the opportunity to share more about the incredible opportunities we have to help the Angolans help themselves in this time of tremendous need.  Thank you so much for your time and interest.

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